Para este 2012 …


Octopus intelligence

Marina has taught me about the octopus intelligence. She has bought five octopus in the market and after she freed them to the sea in Blue Groto… Maybe, I not will eat octopus anymore…

Marina me ha hablado de la inteligencia del pulpo. Ella ha comprado cinco pulpos en el mercado y después los ha liberado en el mar de Blue Groto … Tal vez, no vuelva a comer pulpo nunca más …

My classmates

No hay como volver al cole a los treinta y tantos… I recommend it to you.
Aquí los que han sido mis compis durante más de 2 semanas… Thanks so muchhhhh!!!
Michelle ( the teacher ) if you read it, Could you correct the mistakes, please?  🙂 … jejeje, It’s the same … don’t worry …Thank to you, too.
Ahora cambio de clase, the teacher y de compis … Now, I’m going to continue learning English….

Gizem is a beautiful Turkish girl, sweet and very clever. She’s the younger… She likes to sing and to danc salsa and She speaks English very well. She wants to stay for 6 months in Malta to improve his english. I think that she will get her purpose to study psicologies in Polonia.

Bernard is from Germany. He’s the older and the shier. He’s studing in Malta english in your holidays because he wants to get his dream… He want to fly with his airplane from germany to italy… and he needs speak very well english. It Has been a pleasure to meet with him.

Basilio is the italian-genoves man, he’s my classmate and my flatmate. I like speak with him because he always understands me. He’s a very nice person, so generous and so hardworking. He helped me a lot in my firsts days in malta. He likes to cook, and he makes me very often the dinner. He’s waiter and he want to learn english because he would like to travel around of world for some time.
Erikka, she’s from colombia. She’s my  best friend in malta and we speak a lot. Although we both speak Spanish we are always speaking in English, i’m learning a lot with her. She’s a beautiful, smart and determined girl who likes working hard to get their dreams. She wants to spend in malta for one year. Her objetive is to speak english fluently to get a good job.

Aleks is from russia. He likes me a lot, because he’s always correcting my bad english pronuntation. Aparently he’s a serious men, but when you know him he’s so funny. He’s in malta in his holidays because he wants to improve him job. Nice to meet you aleks!! We should keep in touch by skype.

Letizia is from France. She’s the shiest and the quietest.

Nuntio is an Italian men. He’s basilio’s friend, they both are ex-colligues. He’s a good humorist and a good imitator. He likes to sing. And he always makes me laugh a lot. He’s also in malta for a long time because he wants to improve his english because he want to go abroad to work. As a good italian he’s a latin lover.

Iban is from Colombia, too. I like his sense humor and he’s a big lady-killer; He’s in Malta for his Holidays because he likes to learn Languages.

Ai, She’s a Japanise woman. She’s very polite and nice and so clever. She left her job in a film company because she decided with his husband Rio, to travel around of world for two years. Now they have been studing english in malta for two months. I like speak with her about his culture. Before meet her, I thought that japanese people was so different to me. But now, I think that we are so similar, and we have a lot of things in common. Maybe the big diffence with our culture is that they are more formals and polite that us.